Rural Area Development Trust,

Bodinayakanur, Theni, Tamil Nadu, India

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We have been funding RUADT for around a quarter of a century now and we have seen it grow from a small operation with large aspiration, into a large organisation that is the fulfilment of that vision. In 1996 Murugan was caring for 13 physically handicapped children in a converted chicken run. Since then, impressed by his vision, initiative and energy, we have funded new buildings at Bodinyakanur, vehicles and much of the annual running costs. As a result RUADT in Bodi now has an impressive campus with fine facilities: residential accommodation in a Boys’ Hostel and four cottages (one named after Miriam Dean) and buildings for therapy and vocational training (the latter opened in 2006).

Beyond the Bodi campus RUADT has provided similar care in a number of locations around the Teni district and increasingly sees the provision of care at the homes of the disabled as a way to reach the greatest number and keep their families engaged in caring. Since 2010 a mobile physiotherapy unit run out of a minivan has been travelling to the furthest reaches of the Teni district, bringing treatment to many who otherwise simply not be able to access it. The Fund has supported many of these initiatives.

It is the care and the professionalism that is really evident at RUADT. Among the Bodi residents the commonest conditions are post-polio paralysis, Downs syndrome and muscular dystrophy. Cerebral palsy accounts for most of the mentally challenged. Yet the happiness in the community and the achievements of the young people are quite remarkable; a number go on to study at degree level and awards are won at state-level in paralympics competitions.

The latest among many awards is from the state of Tamil Nadu for the best institution caring for the mentally retarded (out of 900!).

Funding in 2022 – £33,200

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