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How do we go about building a relationship with a Partner that provides benefit to the poorest over decades?  It is in truth somewhat serendipitous.  The right meetings at the right moments, needs apparent, resources available and rapport developing quickly between people from very different backgrounds: “moving in mysterious ways”!

Bro James Kimpton


The support of all our Partners in southern India evolved from correspondence in the 1970s between Miriam and the late Bro James Kimpton, the founder of Reaching the Unreached in the Theni District of Tamil Nadu.  During trustee’s visits, introductions were made to people who had vision for the service they wished to provide to their communities.  When we were convinced of their worth and had the resources available, the support started.

Our Partners in Kenya and South Africa were introduced by long-term supporters John and Rosemary Rowlands who were directly involved with what is now CODI and knew of the Loaves & Fishes Network through family.

What next?  The Fund has supported organisations all over the world in its 75 years; why should that stop?


AHM is the vision of two Doctors, Shashi and Renata Desai, who saw a need to care for the medical and other needs of the rural poor around Bodinyakanur, Tamil Nadu. We have had a long relationship with them and have seen them grow into a regionally influential organisation that is an exemplar of care and enablement for the rural poor.

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The Cooperative Organisation Development Initiative is the outcome of a remarkable story of the vision of one young man from the Kawangware slum in Nairobi, direct help from a Miriam Dean supporter and the difference that the Fund can make to a number of lives at minimal cost.

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DEEPAM is the result of the vision and hard work of Sister Hilaria who was inspired to help the plight of Dalit and tribal communities. We have helped DEEPAM to provide after-school classes to children who are often first generation learners as well as emotional support and life skills training for their onward journey into adult society.

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Jeevan Jyothi

Jeevan Jyothi is an AIDS hospice set up by Sister Anastasia in response to the plight of those who are either infected or affected by the virus. Its work includes outreach into the community to help those who are unable to attend the hospice and the education of the community to overcome the stigma of AIDS. We funded construction of the buildings and with running costs since the early 2000s.

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Loaves & Fishes Network

Around the South African city of East London are dozens of Early Childhood Development Centres that are linked with the Loaves & Fishes Network. L&FN provides training for the staff, food for the midday meal and resources such as toys and games. We help with their core costs and, through L&FN, to provide equipment (eg. jungle gyms) for individual centres.

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The Holy Cross Special School for the Mentally Handicapped is in the village of Mannackanad in Kerala. Largely built with money from the Fund starting in 2004, the building is in the hilly grounds of the Holy Cross convent surrounded by lush woodlands. We have been supporting Sister Rani Joe in her mission to provide the best education possible for those most in need.

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RUADT cares for physically and mentally disabled youngsters who are from amongst the poorest communities in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu. Each person is educated to optimise their ability. Some stay in the hostel and use local schools, others are collected from their homes and brought to the centre.

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