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We are a small registered charity funding projects for some of the world’s poorest people and communities. Our work is mostly in South India and Africa. It is run in close partnership with established local groups and charitable organisations. Children are one major focus: orphan children, handicapped children, children at risk, children affected by AIDS. We are also proud to fund the work of medical facilities and outreach, female empowerment, housing for the elderly and self-help and training for street youths in Nairobi. Our regular visits allow us to know many of them personally and to understand their needs at first hand.

The Fund is personal, something akin to a family both here among our contributing supporters and abroad among those we serve. It is also voluntary; no-one is paid, so every penny given goes abroad.

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It all started some seventy five years ago, but it’s the present and the future that most excites us. The needs, whether for the care of children, or for health, housing or water, keep growing.

The Fund has Christian roots and remains quietly Christian by inspiration, but is non-denominational and many of the friends with whom we work abroad are of other faiths. We believe that the poor, of whatever race or creed, are the special concern of the Love at the heart of everything. As a consequence they are our special concern too. That is our motivation.

Will you join us?

So much can be achieved with quite small amounts of money. You would find it a rewarding commitment as we know from our own experience.

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Founded in 1946

by Miriam Dean and established as a charity in 1964


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regularly supported in India, Kenya & South Africa

Giving just a small donation to the Miriam Dean Fund can make a real difference to helping the poorest people in Africa and India

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