Cooperative Organisation Development Initiative, Kawangware, Nairobi, Kenya

The Fund always works through trusted agents, and none could be more so than long-term supporters Rosemary and John Rowlands.  John’s professional interests in Kenya led to a scouting connection and friendship with a remarkable young man called Nicholas Mukala.  Nicholas had the vision of setting up training and small business initiation for his near contemporaries to provide services in the challenging areas of Nairobi.

 From 2005 onwards we have been delighted to share with John in supporting ROWSWANIC (which has become CODI) based in Kawangware.  Initial training was given to 11 pairs of boys in barbering and some two years later they had all set up premises and were in business.  In addition to the technical competence, Nicolas encouraged discussion and development of life skills and personalities to help the boys settle to their work, become good citizens and avoid the dangers of life in the slums such as HIV/AIDS.

Having trained barbers, Nicolas moved on in early 2009 to a new group who would set up laundry and clothes’ repair outlets.  In 2011 he reported two laundries established another close and six further boys in training.

During the visit in 2020, we saw more detail of an initiative to raise funds locally by farming chickens and rabbits.  The video clip has Nicholas appeal for help to buy an incubator; which appeal was successfully met from the generosity of our supporters.

All this has been achieved on remarkable little money (in our terms).

Funding in 2022: £12,600.

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