AHM, Bodinyakanur, Theni District, Tami Nadu

The Anuradha Clinic is the original facility at the campus near Bodi which is the hub of AHM’s extensive programme in the western end of the Theni District underneath the Western Ghat mountains. About a thousand patients a week are seen at the clinic where doctors and nurses are available. Ailments of all categories are treated, many in advanced stages, and a well-equipped laboratory can do routine tests for tuberculosis, leprosy and HIV. Nominal charges (depending on ability to pay) are made for medicines since it has been found that even the poorest people will take a treatment that has value.

Community health programmes were the first extension from the clinic. Health education including through highly effective street theatre is a major part of this. Health committees have been encouraged in nearby villages to promote reproductive and child health care extending this to ensure that communities who are infected, affected by or at risk from HIV/AIDS are able to maintain their quality of life.

This has all led to a focus on the key role that women play in communities; over 500 self-help groups averaging 14 members are in being; campaigns are mounted to encourage and empower the women, making it clear, for example, that domestic violence is unacceptable. The groups are helped with micro-finance to start small businesses.

Nesakarangal (Loving Hands) on the AHM campus is a hostel for children otherwise vulnerable or orphaned.


And Udhavumkarangal (Helping Hands) provides an equivalent facility for elderly women and men.




AHM also provides vocational training in a facility we helped to construct; this has variously catered for carpenters, electricians, nurses and seamstresses who study for relevant qualifications.

A recent addition to the AHM welfare programmes is management of the regional Child-Line operation for children in distress through abuse, AIDS or child labour.

Funding in 2022 – £32,000

For further information visit: www.ahmtrust.org

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