COVID India Appeal

Last May, we launched via e-mail our Leonard Hospital appeal in response to the devastating COVID wave in India.  We had all seen many heart-breaking images and heard dreadful reports in the media of the distressing situation, and in particular, that hospitals were being overwhelmed.  The appeal was launched to  help the hospital with its immediate and ongoing needs.

Your generous response was absolutely amazing.  In just two weeks, £21,770.12 including Gift Aid had been raised.  We were stunned and humbled by this – thank you.  A similar appeal was launched by St Nicolas Church in Newbury, which meant that we have been able to send a total of £41,013.04 to help Leonard Hospital.

The funds have been well used:

  • The equipment bought includes ventilators, oxygen concentrators and a centralised oxygen supply; then pulse oxymeters, thermometers, PPE kits and hand sanitisers;
  • COVID treatment medicines have been purchased;
  • Sr Dr Jacqueline comments, “our staff were motivated and encouraged to work in the COVID ward by receiving extra remuneration, apart from their salary” (the sisters, of course, are not paid but live in the attached convent);
  • They have appointed physiotherapists and staff for counselling post-COVID patients to help them recover their normal condition enabling them to resume their occupations.

Jacqueline’s response shows their immense gratitude:

“With folded hands we at Leonard Hospital, again and again, express our overwhelming THANK YOU for all your relentless effort to make such a huge amount to be spent for the wellbeing of COVID patients”;

“With all the testing times and challenging situations, the help and support of the Miriam Dean Fund is incredible and we are ever thankful to you for reaching out to us in amazing ways with your compassionate and kind hearts.”


Giving just a small donation to the Miriam Dean Fund can make a real difference to helping the poorest people in Africa and India

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