COVID India appeal

We are teaming up with St Nicolas Church in Newbury to send some urgent funds to the Leonard Hospital in Vathalagundu, Tamil Nadu in response to the current COVID crisis in India.  We have supported the hospital in the past; trustees have stayed when visiting in 2016.  Our Partner DEEPAM, led by Sr Hilaria, is based in the hospital grounds.

Leonard Hospital is a Christian hospital which functions under the auspices of the Catholic Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod. The sisters, doctors and hospital staff are working almost 24 hours a day to handle the current emergency. There is an urgent need for ventilators, an oxygen plant and medicines to respond to the rising cases, so our support will be greatly appreciated at this critical time. The Government is asking them to set aside 50% of their beds for COVID patients. To cope with the current crisis, they have converted their School of Nursing block into a separate, secure ward.

The Leonard Hospital has been serving the rural poor population in Tamil Nadu since 1958.  Pre-pandemic, they treated 1500 in-patients and 8800 out-patients each month.  Over 80% of the hospital’s patients are economically disadvantaged without reliable income, so the hospital seeks to provide medical aid at a minimal rate compared to other hospitals.  Their motto is “towards wholeness in love and service”.  We have been in touch with Sr Dr Jacqueline; please pray for her and the hospital staff at this challenging time.


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